Peer Review Crowdsourcing
Assess each contributor within organization and network of your contractors
Assess the research projects faster and with better precision via automated screening
Select best-suited reviewers for a particular researchs
Identify the most promising research projects among all you receive with advanced peer review mechanisms
Screening automation
Get only relevant proposals selected according to the criteria you set.
Smart selection and Recommendation system of peer reviewers
The system accumulates all information about experts (researchers, reviewers) the research organization has worked with: their academic affiliations, professional track record – research projects they conducted, publications, etc. The system uses these data as input: the algorithm analyzes all the received proposals and automatically recommends the most relevant experts to review it.
Peer review optimization
We provide a digital platform with incentive models for the evaluation process. A log of structured data points resulting from it is formalized into a quantified indicator which can be used to empower decision making.

The DEIP blockchain makes proposal evaluation completely transparent.

It also allows eliminating middlemen that otherwise would be needed to govern and validate the proper execution of the rules of the incentive model. The incentive model ensures the project assessment is done accurately.

How DEIP Peer Review Crowdsourcing Works:

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