Open Research Platform
Manage and track the performance of conducted research projects
Powered by the DEIP Hybrid Blockchain, Open Research Platform enables a collaborative approach to research, allows to establish cross-institutional cooperation and unites researchers across the world to a single network with research funders. It eliminates barriers between organizations, provides a high level of transparency and uncompromisable privacy and security. It can be upgraded by the modules that enhance the scientific workflows of the organizations.
Decentralized Assessment
Identify research projects with the highest scientific value and potential impact.
Journals and Publishing
Launch an open-access journal using the DEIP publishing infrastructure.
Defensive IP Protection
Protect your intellectual property assets with secure blockchain mechanisms.
Research Crowdinvesting
Raise funds for your research and development project by launching a crowdinvesting campaign.
Researcher Profile Database
Access complete information about a researcher’s professional track record.

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