About DEIP
DEIP builds technology to foster international and inter-disciplinary collaboration among researchers and innovators by encouraging the sharing of expertise and resources
Our Mission
We work to maximize the realization of global human & intellectual capital via opening knowledge and technologies to the public and enabling fair and transparent rewards for every contribution.

Our Advisors

Leonid Lozner
Co-founder of EPAM Systems (NYSE: EPAM)
Brian D. Litman
Founder and Principal at Bitzerland, Co-founder and CEO at PlayMedia
Julio D. Castro
Professor and Chair of the Department of Entrepreneurship at IE Business School, Madrid
Dr. Sönke Bartling
Founder at Blockchain for Science, Germany
Dr. Dmitry Klevzhits
Co-founder and Chairman of SynTau
Dr. Karmen Condic-Jurkic
Computational chemist, Croatia
Nikolay Syusko
Co-founder of The Moon
Alex Roldugin
M&A and Investment Director, CAIA, Wharton MBA
Dr. Anna Pobol
Director for cooperation with EU and EaP at S&T Association Infopark Belarus
Massimiliano Picone
Founder at Fermi.xyz
Konstantin Mulyarchik
Associate Professor, Belarusian State Universit
Dr. Aleksei Yantsevich
Senior researcher in bioorganic chemistry at National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
Lambert Heller
Head of Open Science Lab at TIB Hannover, Germany
Anton Kulichkin
Blockchain Expert and Business Angel
Dr. Natalia Voronina
Researcher, Neurooncology, German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), Germany
Alexander Adamiants
Director at European College of Liberal Arts in Belarus

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