Grants Management Platform
The most effective and efficient way to distribute grant funds
DEIP Grants Management Platform employs a modular architecture, which makes blockchain-based solutions highly customizable and allows to dynamically change, test and adjust functionality or business process accordingly to the specific needs of an organization. The platform can include modules for Grant Process Automation, Proposal Evaluation, Impact Tracking and Forecasting, Cross-institutional Collaboration, and Grants Management and Analytics.
Grant Process Automation
Use DEIP smart contracts to automate stages of grant processing
Proposal Evaluation
Identify the most promising research projects with the highest scientific value and potential impact.
Impact Tracking and Forecasting
Identify the most impactful studies and make decisions about further funding.
Cross-institutional Collaboration
Share data and metadata within a network of peer organizations have processes regulated under the common policies​
Grants Management and Analytics
Streamline your grant projects from start to finish.

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