Researcher Identity
GDPR compliant identity system for researchers and research organization

The system disigned to have an ability to be completely decentralized. It allows to make researcher identity self-sovereign and governed by researchers themselves or by multiple stakeholders.

Self-Sovereign Identity received a lot of attention from governments and industry worldwide in recent years. As long as the ground work of establishing standards and releasing early prototypes is on its way, contributing to the exchange and growth of this worldwide community is an indispensable part when it comes to shaping this new model of digital identity.

The system accumulates information about researchers you have worked with: their academic affiliations, professional track record – research projects they conducted, publications, reviews etc. Each piece of information is validated by one of the database members, can be checked by others and is securely stored in the blockchain.

DEIP Researcher Identity is based on the zero-knowledge principles. Information owner can store all the information locally providing it by request. System allows to configure privacy settings for each researcher. With this

  • Keep a track record of all your researchers in one place
  • Find the best match for specific research project or peer-review
Scientific Associations
  • Advance your research career
Research Communities
  • Advance your research career
ch and Technology Organizations
  • Find the best employees or contractors for you research
  • Discover top performers within your organization
Identity Verification

In the basis of identity verification there’re a number of incentive models for network participants that ensure the verification is transparent, persistent, portable and protected.

balances transparency, fairness, and support of the commons with protection for the researchers.

can be integrated with the multiple researchers like DataCite, ORCID, ROR, ConfIDent and other research(er) related ID standards.

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