DEIP is a decentralized research platform entirely governed by the scientific community.

It provides the most progressive funding mechanisms, free open-access publishing, and advanced review system, all driven by an internal economic model with reputational and financial incentives, which fairly rewards contributors to scientific knowledge creation.

How it works?

DEIP is a unique blockchain-based scientific ecosystem.

It enables decentralized self-governance for the academic community and self-sustainable funding model for diverse scientific projects.
Permanent emission of internal currency allows for the platform to run independent of external grants. The experts assessment is made by the means of expert tokens, the volume of which represents the expertise level of each member of the platform.


Publishing Platform

DEIP provides decentralized publishing platform headed by researchers themselves.

No restrictions: all research works are open and always available on the platform, regardless of their results, findings and future – there are no failures in science, only valuable experience

Safe: DEIP stores time-stamped proof of authorship and ownership to an immutable distributed registry, so scientists can always have a proof of their contribution

Free of charge: participants will have all the functionality for free

One-stop solution: we are attracting science journals to join the platform, so researchers will be recognized not only by the platform audience, but by the whole community.

Research Funding

There are various funding mechanisms built in the platform. The researcher - regardless of their status - can be automatically rewarded by internal instant funding mechanism, as well as receive a direct grant or investment from platform participants. Moreover, the platform will have a permanently updated database of all science grants opportunities.

Expertise driven: all experts on the platform participate in decentralized funding for scientific projects. There is no central committee who decides whether you get a grant or not.

Transparent and accessible for everyone: internal rewarding process allocates fair amount of financing for every scientific project on the platform. The history of projects financing can be audited by anyone.

Review & Collaboration

Each scientist can create their profile on the platform, find right people for their research, announce their findings and expertise, as well as review works of other members. We introduce special expert tokens that reward valuable contribution of reviewers.

Rewarded: there are economic and reputational incentives for reviewers that stimulate researchers to react to the works of their colleagues

Peer-to-peer principle: each DEIP user who has expert tokens of a certain discipline can vote for research in this field

Qualitative: the amount of rewarded expert tokens directly depends on the quality of reviews and reviewed research


We are looking for feedback from scientists involved with the improvement of the current academic system. Join our beta test to make DEIP better

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Who's creating DEIP platform

Scientific Advisors

Who's mentoring DEIP team

Product & Technology Advisors

Who's mentoring DEIP team


Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3
Initial protocol design;
proof-of-concept smart-contracts implementation
Protocol final design;
whitepaper finished;
initial UI prototype implementation for research platform;
graphene framework initial setup.
Core funсtionality implementation;
emission distribution system completed.
Test-net launch;
alpha-version of UI release;
research platform beta launch.
Public test-net launch; Disciplines expansion system implementation;
decentralized identification system.
Aggregation cluster;
decentralized research data storage;
custom token sale models.
Custom review encouraging models;
white-labeling for scientific journals;
UI multi-language support.
Advanced granting system;
smart-contracts system.

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