Blockchain Technologies
for Accelerating Innovation

From research to the next big thing. We help unleash it

For Enterprise

Discover the next big thing within your R&D

For Research Funders

Make the best use of funds

For Academics

Collaborate on global scale

Our solutions help organizations across industries to accelerate innovations

Cross-Institutional Collaboration

Make connections between different organizations or business units, unify them within the common network.

Monetize Research

Turn your IP into new sources of revenue.

Track and Predict Impact of Innovation

Launch new research projects with confidence. 

Screen and Facilitate Innovation

Identify the most promising research projects among all the proposals you receive.

Protect IP

Create tamper-proof evidence of ownership of your research results.

Improve Supply Chain

Enable transparency, lower cost for supply chain tracking, prevent counterfeit.

Control and Manage Research​

Track progress, identify and control your project risks.

Publish the Results

Get the results of your research to open access.  

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to see how you can best leverage DEIP for your needs

Our solutions are built upon our own developed technology –

The DEIP Blockchain, the most advanced hybrid blockchain on the market

‣ Developed specifically for DEIP – it allows not to depend on any infrastructure providers and save maintenance costs

‣ Free transactions (4 000+ per second)

‣ Enables transparency and reliability for each R&D unit involved

‣ Smart-contract system for automation of all kinds of processes

End-to-end infrastructure

DEIP is not just blockchain, it is a comprehensive infrastructure that includes off-chain data cluster, user interface framework – everything needed for the fast and efficient implementation of our solutions into any enterprise

Modular architecture

Modular architecture makes blockchain-based solutions highly customizable: you can add or change any functionality or business process.


Technically, DEIP enables thousands of participants to join the network – all fast 
and without overheads.

We implement end-to-end customized solutions tailored to your business needs

Projects are done within a short period of time based on our proven in-house capabilities

Proven worldwide software expertise

10 years experience in building turn-key software solutions, with 5 years experience in blockchain development

Short delivery circle

Expertise in R&D domain and flexibility of the DEIP technology allow to integrate fast

Lean & flexible organizational setup

The solutions are easily customizable to specific organizations’ needs


Matching business and blockchain technology

Deep understanding of integration requirements that  organizations encounter

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Blockchain Solutions for Accelerating Innovation

Accelerate innovation
within your organization

Find out how the DEIP blockchain can fit your business needs