How to multiply the impact of innovation
DEIP Open Innovation Network is a digital ecosystem specifically designed to foster international and inter-disciplinary massive collaboration among innovators, researchers, and industry experts by introducing automatic merit-based multidimensional rewards and incentives.

Dramatically advance your research & innovation capabilities

Collaborate with experts across the world to create, enhance, and prioritize the ideas worth implementing. Receive feedback from the network of experts and innovators.
Use the collective wisdom to foster innovation across the world. Formalize open peer-review result into metrics to have better-guided decision making.
Fund & Invest
Close the finance gaps for any stage of the innovation process. Leverage the network intelligence to better guide investment decisions. Make investment opportunities accessible to everyone.
Track Impact
Analyze funded project metrics and performance through the transparent impact tracking system. Extract insights for data-driven decisions.

Unlock the power of scientific research and deep-tech innovation to tackle the toughest environmental, social and industrial challenges with the DEIP products

All these products are connected to the blockchain-based DEIP Open Innovation Network
Open Innovation Platform
Bring the power of collective intelligence to every innovation challenge.
Open Research Platform
Open Research Platform is an infrastructure for researchers to publish their results, get expert evaluation of their work and gain rewards for their contribution.
IP Ledger
IP Ledger is an Intellectual Property Platform that enables protection and agile management of your IP assets: blockchain-based timestamping, tokenization and sharing under NDA smart-contracts.
Grants Management Platform
Grants Management Platform brings transparency and accountability to your budget and allows to distribute grants across multiple organizations.
Open Journal Framework
It's a blockchain framework that enables to create Plan S compliant open access journals for dissemination of scientific knowledge.

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