DEIP was incubated by Collective Intelligence Labs: a decentralized R&D incubator focused on the adoption of Web3 technologies and building infrastructure for a global collective intelligence system.
in the future, the global economic model will be very different from what we have now. at the center of the future economic model will be creators.

the fundamental design principle of this economic model will be to maximize the total value produced by all creators. the new economy will work on top of fully decentralized Web 3.0 infrastructure, and will be accessible everywhere in the world. creators will register their assets to this infrastructure in the form of tokenized intangible assets (NFTs). they will finance their work through DeFi instruments for tokenized assets without any intermediaries.

this will not only create a deluge of new technologies, inventions, art, movies, music; but will also unlock the potential of global human capital and maximize the realization of human potential.
the vision


Alexey Kulik
Alex Shkor
Yahor Tsaryk
Dr.Dimitri Sidorovitch
Chairman, Chief of Innovation, Co-founder
Julia Shinkevich
head of marketing
Anna Yadlovskaya
Tatyana Bardashevich
lead of R&D
Elena Borer
Yahor Anikei
Euheny Bondarovich
Yaroslav Mitrofanof
lead front-end engineer
full-stack engineer
lead protocol engineer
project manager
Olga Kozlovskaya
Dana Malayeva
lead communications engineer
marketing HR
off-chain data cluster engineer
Stas Dashchinskiy
Darya Markevich
Vitaliy Shalak
backend team lead
lead operations engineer
Yuri Bokach
SMM manger
Alexandra Serykh
Andrei Palianski
Kirill Donchenko
Alexandra Luzan
executive’s consultant
PR manager
product lead
head of PR
growth manager for DeTech
Artemiy Nikitenko
Florian Van Goethem
transformation lead
marketing engineer
front-end engineer
Lena Vlasova
Ann Revyakova
Julia Nekhai
community manager
junior QA engineer
Dmitry Lymarev
Miroslav Milovanović
Julietta Voskanyan
Svyatoslav Ignatsevich
Alena Krasinskiene
video producer
technical writer
lead SMM
executive assistant
graphic designer
Sergei Omelianovich
Chief Totem Officer
Alex Gorgun
project manager / business analyst
full-stack engineer
tech lead
Uladzislau Vintsarevich
Anastasia Antonava
front-end engineer
Evgene Molodkin
QA engineer
Ekaterina Dubovik
protocol engineer
Pavel Lakushin
marketing engineer
Anastasia Lopareva
front-end engineer
Alexandr Shmidt
English language teacher
Andi Akwa
Nick Havryliak
head of ecosystem growth
recruitment manager
product lead
Nikita Aksyutin
Victoria Shpakava
devOps engineer
Yuliya Chikilinova
head of communications
Anastasiya Bogomolova
remote office manager
Dasha Zenko
operations & HR legal associate
Artur Kastsiushka
rust developer
Sarapulov Alex
front-end engineer
investment manager
Tatyana Narivontchik
content manager
Edgar Chekhovich
our big way
Q4 2021
app-chain audit
app-chain audit
  • DEIP testnet undergoes an audit by Octopus Network

  • a version of the network in which the community tests the functionality of DEIP tokens, governance, DAO, and essential modules of the network
Q1 2022
DEIP essential modules added to testnet
Casimir (Private Beta 1)
main network
DEIP essential modules added to testnet
  • DEIP's core modules are added to the testnet, including the wallet, DAOs, assets/NFTs

Casimir (Private Beta 1)
  • DEIP's Web3 constructor is released for private testing to selected participants and a hackathon for the product takes place

main network
  • Launch of the DEIP mainnet and token generation event.
  • Virtual event to celebrate the mainnet launch and birth of the genesis block
  • DEIP network is bridged with NEAR and other chains to allow DEIP tokens to be transferred to wallets on different networks
Q2 2022
DEIP essential modules added to mainnet
DEIP DeFi modules added to mainnet
Casimir (Public Beta 1)
DEIP essential modules added to mainnet
  • amobile wallet is added to the DEIP mainnet for DEIP tokens to be held and transferred

DEIP DeFi modules added to mainnet
  • features such as decentralized loans and an automated liquidation manager are added to the DEIP mainnet

Casimir (public beta 1)
  • DEIP's Web3cConstructor is released for public testing, open to anyone
Q3 2022
scalability infrastructure
bridge infrastructure
DEIP DeFi modules
Casimir (Private Beta 2)
scalability infrastructure
  • release of on-chain sharding functionality which splits data recording to boost scalability

bridge infrastructure
  • DEIP is a multi-chain protocol and the addition of bridge infrastructure assures valid ownership and appraisal of assets on other networks
  • DEIP creates a universal bridge infrastructure to enable easy bridging to the most popular networks and protocols (Ethereum, NEAR, Polkadot, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Kusama, and others)

DEIP DeFi modules
  • features such as staking and yield farming are released in the DEIP mainnet

Casimir (private Beta 2)
  • DEIP's Web3 constructor is rereleased for additional private testing, open to selected participants
Q1 2022
council elections
council elections
  • the council is the main governance body of the DEIP network and 12 seats are initially granted based on the number of tokens staked by each candidate
Q2 2022
council decision #1: startup configuration
council decision #1: startup configuration
  • the council decides on the startup configuration of the network
Q3 2022
domain councils
domain councils
  • the formation of domain councils enables specific governance and funding models specifically optimized for separate domains
Q4 2021
ambassadors program
ambassadors program
  • engagement of ambassadors to create and grow local and regional communities
Q1 2022
portal-builders program
creators hackathon
portal-builders program
  • funds are allocated to builders to create portals for the categorization of intangible assets
creators hackathon
  • participants in the hackathon create applications and portals for assets using and testing the Web3 constructor and API functionality
Q2 2022
creator economy accelerator
creator economy accelerator
  • to boost creation on DEIP, an accelerator program is launched for promising ideas
Q3 2022
education program
education program
  • DEIP launches a Web3 academy, which includes programs such as a no-code school, bootcamps, and other events
Q1 2022
Pre-sale round 2
IDO (public token sale)
pre-sale round 2
  • DEIP holds a second pre-sale round for the community members before the IDO
IDO (public token sale)
  • DEIP holds an IDO of DEIP tokens available to the public
Q2 2022
exchange listing
exchange listing
  • DEIP token is listed on major exchanges
Sergey Barysiuk
CTO, Co-founder of PandaDoc - the e-document startup valued at $1B.
DEIP's technology is something that can change the world, specifically in the world of scientific breakthroughs. The future is human and intellectual capital.
Co-founder of EPAM Systems.
Leonid Lozner
Alex and the DEIP team are the top technical minds coming out of Belarus, with deep expertise building distributed software systems. They have dedicated the last several years of their lives building their technology and protocol. They have built a world class team and technology, and they have identified a painful problem in a massive fast-growing market. I believe what they are building will empower anyone who wants to create, own, and share their work and products with the world. This is only the beginning and I am excited and honoured to contribute and be a part of their journey.
Co-founder of Polkadot Defi Alliance and CMO at Reef Finance.
Valeria Kholostenko
I believe DEIP represents one of the best use-cases for non fungible tokens. It’s ability to tokenize intangible assets like IP has an enormous potential.
Co-founder of Proxima and investment partner at LayerX Capital.
Alex Rusnak
Co-creator of Human.guild. Sasha was a founding head of Business Development at NEAR since it's inception.
Sasha Hudzilin
A founder of West & VP New Ventures and the Co-founder of Patsnap, a company which manages millions of intangible assets, including those of Tesla and NASA.
Ray Chohan
Advised Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft on new product development. CEO & Co-founder of Archipelo - a deep tech company based in San Francisco, California. An angel investor and entrepreneur.
Matthew Wise
Co-Founder at AU21 Capital, Cere Network. He also served as а Vice President of Huobi, one of the largest global cryptocurrency exchange in the world. Kenzi founded Fantoon Growth Labs and Growthathon, a fund dedicated to backing the most brilliant minds in the blockchain space such as Tron, Current, Props, Open Garden, Metaverse, NEO, Qtum, Binance and
Kenzi Wang
Eliott Teissonniere
Chief Blockchain Officer at Nodle - the world's largest ecosystem of connected devices, providing infrastructure, software and access to data for the Internet of Things. Used to be the CTO of BitNation, a governance and crypto company which was rewarded by the NetExplo prize from UNESCO.
Business Angel & Mentor, Board Member of Belarus Business Angels Network (, Сo-founder Startups.Family, Belarus Blockchain Association Member of the Expert Council.
Anton Kulichkin
DEIP is a great project with the best team I’ve come across. The team is very motivated and equipped to change the world.
I am a big believer that creator economy will be one of the main drivers of the growth going forward. In digital world it requires completely new infrastructure to run on top of. DEIP is creating a platform and protocol to cover all the need of the whole industry.
As an investor, I bet on people. I first met Alex Shkor, the CEO of DEIP, in 2017 when I learned about his work and focus of democratizing the commons. He is a genuine, straight-forward, smart individual, and today I am proud to collaborate with him and his team on the development of DEIP.
I believe web3 can really help out creators to be rewarded for bringing their creations to the world. I think DEIP is trying to do exactly this as well, and it's very exciting point of view.
Danish Chaudhry
Leonid Lozner
Dr. Dimitri Sidorovitch
сo-founder EPAM Systems
ex-C-level at Nokia, Siemens, Vodafone
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