from value capture to value creation
creative industries and the creators are set to become the major drivers of the future economy
the creator economy?
the current economy is very capital centric, with the system rewarding and prioritizing “value capturing” not “value creation”

we are all creators, and we want to make things to improve peoples life. if we are also rewarded for this: even better, especially if we are rewarded fairly

in this case, the whole system is by its very nature human centric

that's the creator economy
imagine an alternative economic model where
the creator, a human, is in the center
the world
is shifting to the creator economy
we are developing the core
infrastructure for a decentralized
creator economy
DEIP is a web 3.0 protocol for intangible assets helping creators to achieve greater recognition and reward
we put creators at the center of the economic model, allowing them to skip out the middlemen and receive funding or sell their work through tokenization
DEIP token — creator economy currency
being a blockchain protocol, the creator economy protocol requires financial instruments
to enable incentives and rewards
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