Decentralized Assessment

Identify research projects with the highest scientific value and potential impact

DEIP decentralized assessment platform allows you to set your own rules and criteria for assessment and review processes, introduces an incentive model for reviewers, custom research quality and impact metrics

Decentralized Assessment platform is for:


  • Find projects with highest scientific value
  • Streamline and incentivise research projects review process within you institution

Research and Technology Organizations

  • Identify the most promising research projects at an early stage
  • Save money and time on assessment and review process
024-computer Decentralized Assessment

Customized metrics and assessment criteria

bitcoin Decentralized Assessment

Advanced peer-review mechanisms

agile-2.1 Decentralized Assessment

Reduced assessment process cost & duration using smart-contracts

startup-1 Decentralized Assessment

Automated NDA handling for reviewer

How it works

  •       Register to the system all stakeholders
  •       Accept automated NDA on all submission
  •       Submit your project / innovation description
  •       Get blockchain level time-stamping
  •       Receive your certificates for local storage and any legal usage
  •       Collaborate with all stakeholders on innovation work-out & knowledge sharing
academics Decentralized Assessment

Identify the most promising research

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