Corporate Open Innovation Platform

A simple and streamlined way to accelerate your corporate research

Bring your ideas and projects together with people who can make it happen

Besides the obvious benefits of open innovation platforms, DEIP enables the blockchain level of security and IP protection, standardizes legal and billing paperwork and simplifies the purchase of research services from the long tail of thousands of global suppliers.

Big businesses

Attract innovations which can’t be addressed in-house

Small businesses

Enable partnerships with Big players and protect IP


Attract innovations which can’t be addressed in-house

Benefits of DEIP Open Innovation Platform

Optimizes ecosystem

of innovation acceleration done in-house and by 3rd parties

Lowers costs

by standardizing paperwork

OPEX reduction

by introducing collaborative approach within open platform

Improves research time-to-market

by simple and streamlined way of access to scientific materials

Quick issuing

of IP certificates for any potential legal usage

Accelerate your corporate research

Learn how you can leverage DEIP Open Corporate Innovation Platform
in your company

How it works

​ Open Innovation Platform
  • Register to the system all stakeholders
  • Accept automated NDA on all submission
  • Submit your project / innovation description
  • Get blockchain level time-stamping
  • Receive your certificates for local storage and any legal usage
  • Collaborate with all stakeholders on innovation work-out & knowledge sharing
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