Blockchain Technologies for Funding Agencies

Make the best use of funds and support
the most prominent research

Bring research funding on a new level with our solutions:

Cross-institutional Collaboration

  • Unite different organizations under the common policies
  • Extract valuable insights from grant-related data of peer organizations
  • Use the insights to make better granting decisions
  • Increase transparency and accountability

Grant Process Automation

  • Automate decision making across the entire granting process, from processing a proposal to distributing funds.
  • Replace manual admin tasks with intelligent, data-driven processes
  • Set up automated policies through smart contracts

Proposal Evaluation

  • Identify the most promising research projects among all the proposals you receive
  • Assess the received proposals faster and with better precision
  • Embed intelligence into peer review
  • Automate screening

Grant Management and Analytics

  • Measure and improve your budget and management decisions
  • Define KPIs for grant performance and get customizable metrics with automated reports
  • Improve grant accountability
  • Identify areas of improvement of program performance

Impact Tracking and Forecasting

  • Evaluate the impact of your funds
  • Track submitted research proposals and progress of all funded research projects
  • Get more transparency on funding distribution, get an auditable log of all transactions
  • Forecast the decisions that will drive the most impact based on past performance

IP Protection and Publishing

  • Get the results of research funded by your organization to open access
  • Protect the authorship and IP of published results
  • Leverage the innovative business model for journals that promotes open access

Our solutions are built upon our own developed technology –

The DEIP Hybrid Blockchain, the most flexible,
secure, and scalable blockchain on the market

DEIP employs a modular architecture, which makes blockchain-based solutions highly customizable and allows to adjust a functionality or business process accordingly to the specific needs of your business.

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