Defensive IP Protection

Protect your copyrights and ideas via secure blockchain mechanisms

By recording documents to the DEIP blockchain, one gets tamper-proof evidence of their ownership. Once a document has been uploaded, or edited, or shared with others, that information can’t ever be lost or changed – this is possible due to blockchain’s immutability. All this makes the technology a secure IP registry and allows to share your ideas with employees or third-parties without fear it will be stolen.

Secure your IP at different stages of a business lifecycle​

scheme Defensive IP Protection

A faster and more convenient method of defensive IP protection:

ip-certificate-mobile-desktop Defensive IP Protection

Quick issuing of IP certificates via Mobile App and/or Internet portal

certificate-low-cost Defensive IP Protection

Low costs of certificates, avoidance of huge spending for patent lawyers

certificate-local-storage Defensive IP Protection

Local storage of certificates with easy-to-go usage for legal cases

automated-nda Defensive IP Protection

Automated NDA handling by the system registration (trustless framework)

Secure your IP

Learn how you can leverage DEIP Defensive IP Protection
for your company

Register to the system to get started

Defensive-IP-Protection Defensive IP Protection
  • Register to the system
  • Accept automated NDA on your submission
  • Submit your IP description
  • Get blockchain level time-stamping
  • Receive your certificates for local storage
  • Use your certificates for any legal matters
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