Our mission

is to help organizations and individuals to accelerate innovations by providing the most effective digital ecosystem powered by blockchain technology.

Our Leadership

Mask-Group DEIP: about us

Alex Shkor


Mask-Group-1 DEIP: about us

Arty Rusetski


Mask-Group-2 DEIP: about us

Yahor Tsaryk


dima3 DEIP: about us

Dr. Dimitri Sidorovitch

Chairman of the Board

Mask-Group-4 DEIP: about us

Alexey Kulik

Chief Architect

Mask-Group-5 DEIP: about us

Julia Shinkevich

Head of Marketing

Mask-Group-6 DEIP: about us

Artur Yermalayev

Chief Financial Officer

Our Advisors

Mask-Group-5 DEIP: about us

Leonid Lozner

Co-founder of EPAM Systems (NYSE: EPAM)

brian DEIP: about us

Brian D. Litman

Founder and Principal at Bitzerland, Co-founder and CEO at PlayMedia

Matt DEIP: about us

Matt O'Neil

Business Advisor

Mask-Group-10 DEIP: about us

Julio D. Castro

Professor and Chair of the Department of Entrepreneurship at IE Business School, Madrid

soenke DEIP: about us

Dr. Sönke Bartling

Founder at Blockchain for Science, Germany

Mask-Group-1 DEIP: about us

Dr. Dmitry Klevzhits

Co-founder and Сhairman of SynTau

karmen DEIP: about us

Dr. Karmen Condic-Jurkic

Computational chemist, Croatia

nick2 DEIP: about us

Nikolay Syusko

Co-founder of The Moon

Mask-Group13 DEIP: about us

Alex Roldugin

M&A and Investment Director, CAIA, Wharton MBA

Mask-Group-9 DEIP: about us

Dr. Anna Pobol

Director for cooperation with EU and EaP at S&T Association "Infopark", Belarus

Mask-Group-11 DEIP: about us

Massimiliano Picone

Founder at Fermi.xyz

konstantyn DEIP: about us

Konstantin Mulyarchik

Associate Professor, Belarusian State University

Mask-Group-6 DEIP: about us

Dr. Aleksei Yantsevich

Senior researcher in bioorganic chemistry at National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

lambert DEIP: about us

Lambert Heller

Head of Open Science Lab at TIB Hannover, Germany

Anton-Kulichkin DEIP: about us

Anton Kulichkin

Blockchain Expert and Business Angel

natalia DEIP: about us

Dr. Natalia Voronina

Researcher, Neurooncology, German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), Germany

Mask-Group-7 DEIP: about us

Alexander Adamiants

Director at European College of Liberal Arts in Belarus

Recent articles by our team

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Accelerate innovation
within your organization

Find out how the DEIP blockchain can fit your business needs

Accelerate innovation
within your organization

Find out how the DEIP blockchain can fit your business needs

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