Join public beta of

DEIP Research Platform

One of our products – blockchain research platform – is running a public beta.
We invite you to join and contribute to the shaping of its final version.

By participating in beta, you help accelerate science

DEIP research platform is a part of a big infrastructure we developed, keeping in mind a single goal – to accelerate science, make it more transparent and open for everyone. By joining the public testing, you help make this infrastructure better.

The infrastructure introduces new innovative models for research, funding and collaboration, that will be further evolving and leading to the formation of a global scientific community: decentralized, self-governed, with all members having open access to research outputs and rewarded for their contribution to science.


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Who can participate?

Everyone is welcome to join in and test the platform. The participation will be most interesting for researchers as the platform covers their everyday workflows.

Join here if you are a researcher from the Eurodoc network!

Researchers from Eurodoc – a federation of 29 national associations representing early-career researchers in Europe – are already getting involved and giving feedback on DEIP

What can I test?

Here’s the full list of workflows and functionalities:


Participate in research crowdfunding campaigns to help research project fundraise and become a shareholder of this research.

Research directory

Look through all researches on the platform, filter by discipline or search by name.


Manage your funds and research tokens (research shares).

Researcher profile

Add/edit your account information or review information of other researchers. Researcher profile includes personal data, bio, education and employment history, contact information, research history, and researcher’s expertise in each discipline.

Research group management

Create and manage research groups. You can customize decision making rules - set required amount of votes (quorum) to approve actions to be taken in the research group , invite/remove members to/from group.

Peer review

Receive reviews for you research or review papers within your discipline and get financial and reputational reward.

Research project workspace

Add research materials by uploading existing data (articles, images, raw data and more) or collaborate on article creation using built-in advanced editor with JATS support; start fundraising campaigns; view research statistics (ECI) and reviews.

How much time will it take?

As much as you’re ready to dedicate to it. You can just register and observe others’ publications – or you can create your own research project. However, we recommend you try all the workflows to understand the platform’s complexity.

What do I get for participation?

Some valuable benefits from our team:

Free webinar on DEIP platform and underlying blockchain by DEIP co-founders

You will be listed on DEIP beta testing participants page

You will receive special ‘beta-tester’ badge on DEIP platform which will give you future benefits

DEIP co-founders will provide recommendation for your Linkedin profile or CV upon request

Your researcher profile, research, reviews and reputation will be saved on product launch

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