Testnet is an alternative blockchain that is used for testing. While participating in the DEIP testnet, you will be able to try the core functionalities of the blockchain – you will run nodes, simulate transactional activity etc.Your feedback will help us to find network vulnerabilities and improve our protocol.

Is it difficult to participate in the testnet?

You will have no difficulties if you are familiar with how blockchain works. If you are not, but interested to learn, our team has prepared instructions and scripts. However, you need to keep in mind that there is no graphical user interface in the testnet implied. You can access the DEIP blockchain only through the CLI Wallet, a special command-line tool. It allows you to interact with the blockchain by accessing the data from open APIs, as well as to create, sign and send transactions.

What can I do during the testnet?

Here you have a few options:

Try the blockchain as a network participant

Run a full node and have a full copy of the database with all the blockchain data

Become a witness and maintain the operation of the testnet by producing blocks

How to participate?

In order to participate, follow the detailed instruction. Technical version of it is also available on Github.

Short overview

The easiest way to connect to the blockchain is to use DEIP testnet Docker images.

For using it:

1) Install and setup the required sofware – Docker and Git.
2) Start DEIP Docker Container using Compose. It is required to start a node or the CLI Wallet.
3) Run the CLI Wallet
4) Create an account
a) Through the faucet service: https://faucet.deip.world/ – the easiest way
b) Through the wallet

To become a witness, follow these guidelines.

To find out more about the roles in testnet, as well as the steps you need to make, see the detailed instruction.

How to monitor the operations made in the blockchain?

There is the DEIP explorer prepared to see all the processes within the blockchain. It is a web tool that provides detailed information about blocks and transactions.

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If you have any technical issues, do not hesitate to reach out: info@deip.world.