DEIP team

meet the core team building the DEIP platform

meet the core team
building the DEIP platform

Alex Shkor

Chief Executive Officer

Blockchain architect with over 9 years in designing distributed systems. Executive positions in successful blockchain and IT companies, 6 years as a CTO and Head of R&D Department.


Regularly gives lectures and workshops on these topics, was invited as a speaker to world-leading international conferences and universities, such as Future of Money - Payments Drift Forum (IE Business School - Madrid), Global Graphene Development Conference (Shanghai), Vienna Cryptoeconomics, ETH Zurich (Switzerland), etc. A thinktank member of the Belarusian Blockchain Association and Blockchain for Science (Germany).


Artyom Ruseckiy

Chief Operating Officer​

Mathematician from the Belarusian State University, the study area is differential equations with stochastic and generalized components. 


Conducted applied research on mathematical modeling of control systems for unmanned aerial vehicles within the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. The results of the research were used to build drones. Besides that has more than 8 years of experience in AI systems design and development for world-leading fintech companies such as exp(capital), IG and There he created systems backed by AI technology, algorithms for high-frequency trading and also led product development with more than 50 people in the team. As one of DEIP co-founders, he is contributing to the whole process of the platform elaboration, focusing mainly on the crypto economy model designing.


Yahor Tsaryk

Chief Technical Officer

Software Engineer and Tech Lead with more than a 6-year experience in IT industry including backend, frontend development and dev-ops areas.


Has a solid experience in designing complex infrastructures and workflows which embrace all technical stages of apps starting from user interaction ending with broadcasting transactions in distributed systems. Expertise in a number of programing languages and architecture approaches has allowed him to realize benefits of the blockchain technology and opportunities it can offer for modern society. Is one of the DEIP co-founders who has been working on DEIP since its establishment. Has a deep understanding of DEIP internal processes and business ideas as well as technological stack.


Alexey Kulik

Chief Blockchain Officer

Experienced and passionate Software Engineer and Team Leader with a proven history of leading teams of up to 7 people in the information technology and services industry.


Degree in Computer Science, eight years of experience in distributed systems as well as background in designing solutions and using self-developed architectures in complex projects in medicine, logistics, finance and intellectual property management allowed him to easily shift his focus to blockchain architecture and become a professional in Graphene framework. A visiting lecturer on blockchain at the Belarusian National Technical University. One of the DEIP co-founders and currently the system architect and the leader of the DEIP blockchain development team.


Artur Yermalayev

Chief Financial Officer

Financial advisor and strategist with more than 7 years of managing experience in commercial organizations.


Was involved with building and establishing of business processes, as well as with developing of subsidiaries and franchise companies. Besides that consulted on corporate legal issues regarding English law. Was among the first to join DEIP, worked with the development of the idea since the generation of the entire concepts. Currently in charge of operational and financial management and building of the legal foundation of the company.


Egor Marushko

Blockchain Developer

Software developer within a wide range of domains.His principal activity is AR applications that include machine learning techniques. 


Has experience in face recognition applications development. His principal activity is AR applications that include machine learning techniques. In DEIP he develops the blockchain protocol, implements complex smart-contract systems, enables API to interact with users interface.


Serge Dzeranov

Blockchain Developer

Software developer with a degree in Applied Mathematics and over 5 years in C++. Experienced in developing desktop applications. 


Experienced in developing desktop applications. Previously worked with image stitching algorithms for the project on the early detection of wildfires, as well as with OpenCV library; was engaged with the streaming video processing. Independently worked on the development of the lossless correlated data compression algorithm. In DEIP is a main back-end developer.


Nikolay Ignatiev

Frontend Developer

Holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science in the cryptography area and now is completing his PhD in the correspondent field.


Previously participated in big enterprise projects in the financial sphere. In DEIP is responsible for the frontend architecture and development.


Masha Bahutskaya

UX/UI Designer

BSc in Psychology & Biology, is a User Experience designer with 8+ years in UI & Visual design. Core features: empathy and the ability to think on the user’s behalf.


Core features are empathy and the ability to think on the user's behalf. Has more than a 7-year experience in various companies, starting with Epam Systems and then continuing with product companies like Imela Software GmbH, ONEaccess, and Immortal Digital Ecosystem. Currently focuses on usability and functionality which will be suitable for the design challenges the DEIP platform provides. Creates and develops a visual style for major communication activities.


Yura Bokach

Operations Manager

Versatile and highly-qualified manager, experienced in organizational leadership, strategic planning and coordination of business processes.


For 6 years had been heading a team of up to 12 members in complex projects in logistics. Background in sales, marketing, client relations, and financial management. Qualified and experienced in agile and waterfall project management methodology. University degree in business administration. In DEIP is responsible for multiple facets of management, including training and supervision of teams and projects.


David Bovill

Decentralized Governance Architect

Specialist in legal, blockchain, and participatory governance. One of the founders of Liquid Democracy. Degrees in medicine, philosophy and biochemistry. 


One of the founders of Liquid Democracy (2002). Holds degrees in medicine, philosophy and biochemistry. Founded the Multimedia Authoring Centre at Charing Cross Hospital (1989 - 1992) - followed by 6 years commercial work, including: Senior Development Editor (Multimedia) at Times Mirror International Publishers. Head of Production at CHBi (New Media Agency) and then Producer at Lowe Interactive (top 10 London based advertising agency). Project manager for open source systems on various projects including web site and video archive for OKTO.TV in Vienna (2004-2005). Current research interests include domain-specific legal languages (Liquid Law - 2010), and a renewed interest in quality assessment and due diligence for scientific journals (Liquid Peer Review - 1990).


Ann Shkor

Partnership Manager

Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the Belarus National Technical University and is now completing her Master at the Brandenburg University of Technology.


In 2017 got involved with both blockchain topic and open science movement. Being an architect by the academic background, is building now partnership relations between DEIP and the scientific community, mainly in Europe. Represents DEIP at major science conferences.


Björn Barsikow

Partnership Manager

Has studied architecture in the Berlin Technical University and now is doing his Master in the same field at the Brandenburg University of Technology.


Is passionate about PC hardware technologies. Has been engaged with the DEIP idea since he met the team in 2017. His good command of languages - German, French and English - allows him to successfully represent DEIP at international technology and science conferences.


Marie Mulyarchik

Editor & Content Writer

Holds a Master’s Degree in Education with over 6 years of experience in teaching and training. Author of various pedagogical programs. 


As a Training Manager in French educational company based in Paris was responsible for teaching quality assurance including management, observation and professional guidance of company's team of professionals. Provided development and conduction of trainings for teachers all around France; participated in establishing professional contacts and partnership with French primary educational establishments. Author of various pedagogical programs. In DEIP deals with content creation and editing.


Julia Shinkevich

Communications Manager

Over 4 years of experience as a Public Relations Manager, including development and implementation of a PR strategy for the biggest national law firm in Belarus.


Within DEIP is responsible for designing a communications strategy. Academic background includes teaching English at Minsk State Linguistic University.


Anastasiya Kastsiushkina

Community Manager

Background in intercultural communications, research activities at the University of Erfurt. 4+ years of working in commercial and non-profit organizations. 


Experienced Communication Manager with more than 4 years of working in commercial and non-profit organization. Currently is responsible for growing the scientific community on the DEIP platform.


Alan Mekibel

Marketing Manager

Currently receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Business administration with a concentration in marketing and entrepreneurship from IE University (Spain)


Prior to that studied at Syracuse University (USA). Worked in the marketing and sales department at an IT service provider in Chicago, had experience in a Pharmaceutical startup working in their BD department in Moscow. Met the DEIP team at a BlockchainaThon in Madrid in 2017, and has been working with the team since. In charge of bringing in advisors, finding potential partners and events as well as managing social media and other channels.


Nate Gull

Partnership Coordinator

Undergraduate student at the University of Michigan, double majoring in cognitive and information sciences. Currently is working with student organizations at UofM and other institutions.

DEIP is advised by academic, blockchain and business experts

who are helping the team to make the platform and spread the message about it.

Academic advisors

Sönke Bartling, PD Dr. med.​

Founder at Blockchain for Science,

Stefan Krauss, PhD​

Professor, Institute of Basic Medical Sciences,

Julio de Castro, PhD​

Professor and Head of the PhD program at IE Business School, Spain​

Anna Pobol, PhD​

Director for cooperation with EU and EaP at S&T Association "Infopark", Belarus

Karmen Condic-Jurkic, PhD

Computational chemist,

Lambert Heller, MA (LIS)

Head of Open Science Lab at TIB Hannover, Germany

Aleksei Yantsevich, PhD

Senior researcher in bioorganic chemistry at National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

Natalia Voronina, PhD

Researcher, Neurooncology, German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), Germany

Product & technology advisors

Leonid Lozner

Product advisor.
Co-founder of EPAM Systems (NYSE: EPAM)

David Atkinson

Strategy advisor.
Leadership team at Holo & Holochain

Brian D. Litman

Strategy advisor.
Founder and Principal at Bitzerland,
Co-founder and CEO at PlayMedia

Dimitri Sidorovitch, PhD

Strategy advisor.
Former CEO of Nokia Belarus

Nikolay Syusko

Marketing advisor.
Co-founder of The Moon

Massimiliano Picone

Technology advisor.
Founder at

Dmitry Klevzhits, PhD

Partnership advisor.
Co-founder and Сhairman of SynTau

Anton Kulichkin

Partnership advisor.
Blockchain Expert and Business Angel

Alexander Adamiants

Partnership advisor
Director at European College of Liberal Arts in Belarus

DEIP partners

are organizations and initiatives aligned with us around the same vision – to increase the efficiency of modern science.
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