DEIP public beta

building a new home for science together

DEIP public beta

building a new home for science together

What is DEIP public beta?

DEIP public beta is the first publicly available version of the DEIP research platform that features graphical user interface. Prior to its launch, we released for testing only the blockchain, the back-end of the platform.
Public beta is the next step towards the final version; it allows scientists to test some core functionalities before the platform release.

Why participate?

As a member of the beta testing, you can try the platform workflows and take part in shaping its final version. The feedback you provide on quality and usability will help us identify issues, fix them, and make the platform the best yet. Follow any comments regarding the platform to
Join the public beta, let us know what you think – and help us to build a new home for science.

can I try now?

To date there are only several workflows available for testing – however, we will constantly add new ones so by the end of the beta period you will be able to try the final version. Just after the beta launch, we will publish the detailed guidelines illustrating each of them in our Medium channel.

Workflows you can try in Public Beta Release 1:

  • Register on the platform, create and update your profile
  • Create a research group, invite members to it and adjust governance tools within the group (set quorum sizes, make proposals and vote for them)
  • Create a new research project and add your publications
  • Find and observe research projects of other members of the platform
  • Review others’ publications
  • Curate reviews
  • Initiate token sale*​
  • * Testnet tokens are separate and distinct from tokens in mainnet (blockchain to be launched together with the final version). It allows experimenting  —  without having to use real tokens or worrying about breaking the platform mechanisms.

    Frequantly asked questiones

    As soon as the public beta is launched, the buttons Sign Up and Sign In will appear at the top of the page. Prior to it, you can fill the google form so that the DEIP team can send you a reminder on the launch day.
    We will publish the detailed guidelines illustrating all the possible workflows after the launch. 

    The DEIP public beta is open to anyone.

    During the testing phase, you can create a new research project and add materials already published in other sources – they will still participate in DEIP and Expertise token distribution so that you see how it works. After the platform is launched finally, only new research projects will participate in the reward distribution.

    Participation in the public beta won’t take more time than you want to spend on it. You can just register and observe others’ publications – or you can create your own research project. It depends entirely on your interest and time you are willing to devote to testing.

    Participation in beta is voluntary, and there is no compensation for it. However, we propose valuable features for those who take part:

    • all the personal information (your profile) added during the public beta test will be saved in genesis block – you will not need to start from the scratch later
    • free webinar on blockchain provided by the DEIP co-founders
    • recommendation from the DEIP team to your Linkedin profile/CV

    We appreciate your participation in the public beta very much. If you know other ways on how we can help you, write directly to us: – and suggest your ideas, we will definitely take them into account.

    You can send us your feedback in any convenient way:

    Let’s build a new home for science together!

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