Screening & Facilitation of Innovation
Fill your innovation funnel with the most promising research projects

Shorten the time to market for new products

To innovate faster, companies engage employees, third party contractors, and relevant research organizations to share their research proposals. This process can be improved by embedding intelligence and automating proposals screening and peer-reviewing. DEIP automated ranking system allows to identify the most promising research projects among all the proposals you receive.

Make the best of your in-house innovation, identify what needs to be outsourced

Big businesses
Monitor & screen in-house innovation contributors to link it to HR retention mechanisms

Define not-core competence segments for outsourcing to 3rd parties
All size businesses
Intelligent ranking of Innovation proposals

Cost saving focusing on most promising IP proposals

See how businesses benefit from DEIP Screening & Facilitation of Innovation

Retain top innovators at the company and avoid exits
Quickly identify top ranked IP proposals for further processing
Optimize R&D budgets by outsourcing non-core competences
Reduce OPEX by upto 70% due to automated smart contracts

How it Works

Innovate faster

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