Impact Tracking and Forecasting
Analyze the performance of the projects funded by your organization
Research projects generate a lot of data that can be analyzed to identify the most impactful studies and make decisions about further funding. Having these data, funding agencies can even try to forecast such research among all the proposals they get and improve their decision making, identify the most promising research projects among all the proposals and achieve the best use of funds.
Use the collected data to optimize decision-making
Get insights for data-driven decisions
Identify risks of the funded projects
Provide an infrastructure
for research results publishing for funded research projects
Get customizable metrics
of the performance of the funded projects
Track IP and all milestones
of the research projects
Bring helpful new insights
to grants managers and staff
Use the existing data
to improve workflow efficiencies and processes
Get real-time grant processing data
that allows managing grants workload more efficiently

Track the performance of your projects

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