Grants Management and Analytics
Streamline your grant projects from start to finish

Handle the entire life cycle of grant management

Including proposal creation, converting proposals into awards, facilities and administration processing, award tracking, bill creation and financial reporting
Grants management software is a solution for streamlining grant projects from start to finish. The integrated program has tools to help boost productivity, cut down on tedious administrative tasks, and save time so that personnel could focus more on engaging with partner communities, improving stakeholder relations, and implementing community strategies.
Bring helpful new insights
to grants managers and staff
Use the existing data
to improve workflow efficiencies and processes
Get real-time grant processing data
that allows managing grants workload more efficiently
Accelerate award timing
by identifying bottlenecks and implementing process improvements
Deliver robust grant information
to all levels of the organization for data-driven decisions

Integrate with the DEIP blockchain through the API

The solution is flexible so it can be used in grant applications and data management. It can be configured with the use of comprehensive audit trails, session timeouts and dynamic workflows.

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