Cross-institutional collaboration
Share and reuse the data generated in your partner network

Extract valuable insights from commonly shared grant-related data

DEIP unites funding agencies and research institutions in a blockchain network where they can share data and metadata, for example:
Researchers and reviewers track record
Reviews of proposals, proposals metadata
Digital identity
Business processes

Extract valuable insights from commonly shared grant-related data

Blockchain technically ensures each member follows common standards – rules, policies, requirements – established in the network and regulating the relationship within it.
The infrastructure is easily scalable – thousands of scientific organizations can join it to both contribute to and benefit from the network.
Improve your decision-making
Employ commonly shared data to make better grounded decisions.
Avoid duplication of work
Share and reuse each other’s information safely instead of doing the same job each.
Increase transparency and accountability
Monitor the full path of distributed funds and audit real-time payments of financed parties

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