Blockchain Technologies
for Accelerating Innovation

From research to the next big thing. We help unleash it

For Enterprise

Discover the next big thing within your corporate

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For Funding Agencies

Make the best use of funds

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For Research Institutions

Collaborate on global scale

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Our solutions help organizations across industries to accelerate innovations

Protect IP

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Create tamper-proof evidence of ownership of your research results.

Accelerate Corporate Innovation

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Bring your ideas and projects together with people who can make it happen.

Cross-Institutional Collaboration

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Make connections between different organizations or business units, unify them within the common network.

Monetize Research

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Turn your IP into new sources of revenue.

Track and Predict Impact of Innovation

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Launch new research projects with confidence. 

Screen and Facilitate Innovation

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Identify the most promising research projects among all the proposals you receive.

Improve Supply Chain

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Enable transparency, improve cost for supply chain tracking, prevent counterfeit.

Publish the Results

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Get the results of your research to open access.  

Contact Us

to know how you can best leverage DEIP for your needs

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Our solutions are built upon our own developed technology –

The DEIP Hybrid Blockchain, the most flexible,
secure, and scalable blockchain on the market

DEIP employs a modular architecture, which makes blockchain-based solutions highly customizable and allows to adjust a functionality or business process accordingly to the specific needs of your business.

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We implement end-to-end customized solutions tailored to your business needs

Projects are done within a short period of time based on our proven in-house capabilities

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Proven worldwide software expertise

10 years experience in building turn-key software solutions, with 5 years experience in blockchain development

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Short delivery circle

Expertise in R&D domain and flexibility of the DEIP technology allow to integrate fast

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Lean & flexible organizational setup

The solutions are easily customizable to specific organizations’ needs


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Matching business and blockchain technology

Deep understanding of integration requirements that  organizations encounter

Our partners:

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Marie Curie Alumni Association

A global network of researchers

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An international federation of 29 national associations of researchers

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Blockchain for Science

Think tank and hub

osm-logo-1-768x478 Old main

Open Science MOOC

Researchers and practitioners environment
to create a community platform to help
propel research forward
bfsi_logoo-1 Old main

Blockchain for Social Impact

Blockchain products and solutions
incubator of social and environmental challenges across the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals
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Belarusian State University 

#1 University in Belarus, among the top 2% leading universities in the world

eclab-logo Old main

European College of Liberal Arts in Belarus

Additional education within the Liberal Arts Education framework
University-of-Oslo-logo-1024x174 Old main
The Institute of Basic Medical
Sciences UiO, Norway
Norway’s oldest and highest ranked
educational and research institution
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Accelerate innovation
within your organization

Find out how the DEIP blockchain can fit your business needs

Accelerate innovation
within your organization

Find out how the DEIP blockchain can fit your business needs

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