Protect your intellectual property assets
using blockchain technology

Secure your ideas in just 0.5 seconds

Prove that you own your intellectual property

Encrypt and timestamp your IP asset on the DEIP blockchain so as it was ready for monetization

Prove ownership

Show that a document describing your idea existed at a given date, and prepare a strong prior user rights defense to IP infringement.

Secure your communications

Acquire irrefutable proof of receival when you share your IP with partners or any other third party. Minimize the risk of your IP being stolen.

Learn how
DEIP IP Protection Platform works

from our 2-minute video

All data is securely kept in the DEIP blockchain

DEIP is an immutable distributed ledger that stores encrypted hashes, of your documents. To secure them even more, the hashes are recorded into 3 public blockchains – Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. They serve as security bridges to the DEIP blockchain.

Protect your IP in just 0.5 seconds

1. Upload your documents

Before reaching our server, a document with your ideas and IP gets encrypted – the result is that your data is never disclosed to a third party, not even the DEIP blockchain

2. Obtain a certificate

It certifies your ownership of the idea and can be used for any potential legal matters.

from $4.99

per one certificate

IP protection with DEIP: key features


The file with your IP is encrypted and not publicly exposed. 


Blockchain is counterfeit-proof due to cryptographic algorithms it employs.


Information in the blockchain can be verified by independent third parties, guaranteeing full traceability. 


Your protected IP assets can be used consequently for Tokenization and Crowdfunding which are parts of our Open Innovation Network.

Automated NDA

Smart contracts of the DEIP Blockchain enable any types of commercial contracts with your IP, such as NDA, partnership agreements, reseller agreements.


They help create a more persuasive defense in court. Blockchain-based time stamping and hashing that DEIP leverages are accepted by some leading legislations: in the US (State of Vermont, Act HB868; State of Arizona, Act HB2417) and European Union (Regulatory Framework 910/2014/EU).

Yes, on the military level. The content of your ideas is fully encrypted. For this, we employ cryptography algorithms that only store the proofs that your data exists, not the data itself. It’s impossible to reconstruct the content from an identifier, so your data will never be publicly visible.

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