Protect your intellectual property assets
using blockchain technology

Secure your ideas in just 0.5 seconds

Prove that you own your intellectual property

Timestamp your IP asset on the DEIP blockchain so as it was ready for monetization

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Prove ownership

Show that a document describing your idea existed at a given date, and prepare a strong prior user rights defense to IP infringement.

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Secure your communications

Acquire irrefutable proof of receival when you share your IP with partners or any other third party. Minimize the risk of your IP being stolen.

All data is securely kept in the DEIP blockchain

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DEIP is an immutable distributed ledger that stores encrypted hashes, of your documents. To secure them even more, the hashes are recorded into 3 public blockchains – Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. They serve as security bridges to the DEIP blockchain.

Protect your IP in just 0.5 seconds

1. Upload your documents

Before reaching our server, a document with your ideas and IP gets encrypted – the result is that your data is never disclosed to a third party, not even the DEIP blockchain

screen_protection DEIP IP Protection

2. Obtain a certificate

It certifies your ownership of the idea and can be used for any potential legal matters.

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from $4.99

per one certificate

IP protection with DEIP: key features

confidential_blockchain DEIP IP Protection


The file with your IP is encrypted and not publicly exposed. 

secure_blockchain DEIP IP Protection


Blockchain is counterfeit-proof due to cryptographic algorithms it employs.

auditable_information DEIP IP Protection


Information in the blockchain can be verified by independent third parties, guaranteeing full traceability. 

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Your protected IP assets can be used consequently for Tokenization and Crowdfunding which are parts of our Open Innovation Network.

rocket DEIP IP Protection

Automated NDA

Smart contracts of the DEIP Blockchain enable any types of commercial contracts with your IP, such as NDA, partnership agreements, reseller agreements.


About DEIP IP Protection Platform

DEIP helps create a more persuasive defense in court: it provides trusted digital evidence of your ownership of the idea. Once you register a file in DEIP, the date and time of the registration are recorded in our blockchain and stay there forever – this information can’t ever be erased or tampered with and can be easily verified by any independent third party.

DEIP is for everyone who needs to be able to prove when a digital item – a message, document, piece of art or software program – was created. It is most frequently used to prove ownership, safeguard intellectual property, be on the safe side when sharing valuable information with third parties.

DEIP is frequently used by:
– inventors, researchers, academics
– startups, enterprises
– creative industries
– lawyers, notaries, accountants

To make our solution as secure as possible. Blockchain is a digital ledger distinguished by its ability to keep a permanent, indelible, and unalterable history of records. By registering your documents on the DEIP blockchain you can be sure the date and time of registration will never be tampered with.

Yes. In fact, 0.5 seconds is time during which one block of transactions is signed within the DEIP blockchain. Technically speaking, for blockchain, each registration of a file is a transaction. Many transactions form a block. When a block is signed, the data within it is recorded in the blockchain. This is irreversible and can’t be altered or erased, which means that your data is perfectly safe.

Data Security

Not at all. In fact, you have 2 options:

1. You register your file on the DEIP blockchain, but the file itself remains stored only on your computer.
For registering, blockchain does not need your whole file – instead, it takes a file’s hash (a unique numeric value that corresponds to the content of the file) and records it. To verify the registration, one needs to search for their file hash in the blockchain. If there, the file was indeed registered at the date and time given.

2. You both register your file on the blockchain and upload it to our storage.

The advantage here is that in case you delete or change a file, the version you registered will always be stored by us. In any case, DEIP encrypts the file right in your browser, so neither us nor any other party will see your file’s content.

No. Blockchain does not store the data, but only its hash – a unique numeric value that corresponds to the content of a file. This is enough to prove the date and time when your file was registered.

As for the data itself, you can store it either on your computer or in our encrypted storage – to secure against deleting or modifying.

Your data is absolutely safe as DEIP does not actually access it. For registering a file on our blockchain, we only deal with its hash (numeric value), not the content. Even if you choose to store files with your data in our storage (which is optional and totally up to you), the file gets encrypted before we receive it, so the content is not disclosed either.

Legal Protection

Yes, blockchain-based time stamping and hashing that DEIP leverages are accepted by some leading legislations: in the US (State of Vermont, Act HB868; State of Arizona, Act HB2417) and European Union (Regulatory Framework 910/2014/EU).

IP Management

It functions as a trusted third party (notary) and confirms that:

– a document (NDA, partnership agreement, reseller agreement or other) was signed at a certain point in time
– the document was signed by particular individuals
– the document was not modified after it was signed

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Accelerate innovation
within your organization

Find out how the DEIP blockchain can fit your business needs

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