When can your company leverage blockchain technology? 10 use cases for CEOs or CIOs to consider

Adopting blockchain makes sense if at least one of the use cases below (we collected the most common one) is true for your business:

  • You work with multiple contractors
  • You often share sensitive/valuable information with third parties
  • Your interaction with third parties includes a lot of manual work
  • You need more transparency of transactions/operations
  • You store a lot of data that has a potential to be monetized
  • Your organization is united in a network with several more members
  • Your employees often update important data sets
  • You produce IP and need to protect it in a quick and efficient way
  • You have a comprehensive supply chain with numerous suppliers , wholesale, customers and need transparency on them
  • You need a research management tool with advanced risk escalations & analytics

See how the DEIP blockchain, which we developed specifically for companies fostering innovation, can be applied for your company’s use cases: