The backbone of the DEIP Open Innovation Network is DIEP Hybrid Blockchain.


The backbone of the DEIP Open Innovation Network is DIEP Hybrid Blockchain.

The DEIP blockchain has a modular architecture – it is composed of separate components (modules), each of which could be replaced or added without affecting the rest of the system. This also makes our solutions highly customizable and allows to dynamically change, test and adjust functionality or business process according to the specific needs of your business.

Here are the modules that help achieve higher security of the DEIP blockchain network: – State channels – Interchain communication – Side-chain integration – Identity management system

Powered by the DEIP Hybrid Blockchain, the Open Research Platform enables a collaborative approach to research, allowing for the establishment of cross-institutional cooperation, and potentially uniting researchers from across the world into a single network with research funders. It eliminates barriers between organizations and provides a high level of transparency as well as uncompromisable privacy and security. It can be upgraded by modules that enhance the scientific workflows of organizations.

Developed specifically for DEIP Open Innovation Network – it allows not to depend on any infrastructure

  • Providers and save maintenance costs;
  • Free transactions (4 000+ per second);
  • Enables transparency and reliability for each network participant;
  • Smart-contract system for automation of all kinds of processes.