What is the value of DEIP’s Technology Transfer Platform (TTP) in commercializing scientific research?


At the heart of Open Innovation’s concepts is technology transfer or valorization of research. Technology transfer is the process of authorization the use of technology for a new application, a new product, or a new service. Technology transfer, therefore, allows us to add value and/or to commercialize a technology whether new or already known from the developer of this technology to its future users.

The user of the technology will benefit by bringing innovation to the market. The goal of TTP is to create the conditions for technology commercialization.

The main features of Technology Transfer Platform:

  • List all the available technologies right on the platform so they become available for AI-powered discovery system, which makes potential licenser easily find the most relevant technology;
  • Receive licensing request, sign an agreement, and even pay right on the platform, so the deal can be done incredibly fast and in a very convenient way - attach licensing agreements to the deal and manage all them in one place;
  • Get AI-powered reviews and curation of your technology assets so it can help buyer better understand your tech and get additional perspective from independent experts;

In the near future we plan to add the next functionality:

  • Issue and sell shares of any technologies to potential investors so TTO can get faster liquidity and immediately use the proceeds;
  • Launch technology transfer experiments and open innovation challenges to crowdsource ideas for commercialization for the offered technology;

Our mission is to help organizations and individuals discover!

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