Our New Normal

We all transform to the New Normal: we meet our family & friends and company fellows on Zoom, we make global summits on Zoom, even if we need to raise money we do it on Zoom nowadays…(sure, it might be a different conference provider)… So, new Normal dictates new rules and habits in our life…I spend a lot of time figuring out how a DLT tech can help here… What becomes apparent, we can solve 3 main fundamental issues on this planet: 1)TRUST, 2)REPUTATION, 3)PROPERTY. If these assets addressed in a transparent and simple way, we can enable a new level of collaboration and creation of next big things. I strongly believe, these are what we desperately need today to cope with UNCERTAINTY, which becomes our new NORMAL.

New Trust: solving trust issues in pre-pandemic time was apparently not enough to enable a sound collaboration to unite like-minded innovators to the ONE focused taskforce. In post-pandemic time we will leverage tech benefits of HYBRID blockchain to break walls between closed and open worlds, as enterprises and academia, as governments and non-profit public organizations, etc. So, our ultimate target is to enable a new level of collaboration with a New Trust. This will definitely enable a Tsunami of new breakthroughs. New Property: starting with small kids we all understand importance of property, this I experience each time when my small daughter forgets her Barbie doll at home and we have to drive all way back home to pick up this important piece of property. But what’s about property on ideas, inventions and most importantly what’s about property on our personal data? Fortunately, with our new HYBRID blockchain tech we can return power over personal data, ideas and inventions to humans. This will allow them to decide on their own to whom and on which terms to grant access to the data sharing. Moreover, by fostering utilization of such important property as personal data by means of DLT tech, people will be able to earn some money enabling a minimum guaranteed income for all humans, a topic which is highly debated in many socially driven countries globally. Thus, I’m confident, this New Property is worth living and fighting for the DLT innovations.

New Reputation: as we know from history, pandemic events in Europe in the 14th century followed by cultural and economical boom in Florence grounding consequently one of the best periods in the human history — Renaissance. So, a post-pandemic reopening might become a driving force for a new age of innovations. In this context, one of the biggest assets we posses in collaboration with others is our Reputation. New Reputation is a digital fingerprint which will accompany all of us the life long keeping track of all our achievements and constructive contributions. Here, the system of decentralized assessment will guarantee an unbiased status quo of our New Reputation.

DLT Adoption Boom: Corona virus has revealed the weaknesses in our supply chains, our inability to deploy resources where they are most needed to address the pandemic, and difficulties in capturing and sharing the data needed to make rapid decisions in managing it. All these will certainly bring a “blockchain tourism” by enterprises and governments to the new level encouraging more risk taking in adoption of DLT tech.

The Future is bright again!

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