DEIP is one of the finalist's teams of Blockchers Program


DEIP is thrilled that we’ve been invited to the implementation stage for the European innovation group Blockchers. DEIP will deploy smart contracts for grant distributions — automating review and cutting significant delay in funding the most promising and impactful tech projects.

Joining Blockchers is an excellent opportunity for us to find great partners for win-win collaboration on our way to revolutionize how humanity innovates. We believe that with Blockchers we will implement a highly innovative solution for European SMEs, achieve better leverage on the market and gain access to potential partners and investors

Overall, DEIP provides a new crypto-economy for innovation, which provides reputational and financial incentivization. Our industry profile spans across Consulting, Blockchain, Open Innovation, Product Innovation, Science, Consulting, Smart-contracts for grants distribution automation. Recent use cases include offering a smart-contract for the end-user SME to automate decision-making for grant distribution, based on the results of peer-review. This significantly cuts time/effort and increases efficiency, to fund the most promising and impactful projects and technology. Leveraging distributed ledger technology (DLT), this also allows decentralized assessment and ensures transparency of the peer-review process and decision-making. The private beta version will be deployed as a private network for SME and partners This is a phenomenal opportunity to demonstrate what we at DEIP can do and how we collaborate with our peers in the blockchain initiative!

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