DEIP implements a blockchain platform for BSU

Belarusian State University is among the 2% of the world’s best universities. It hosts one of the largest research centers in Belarus, with about 1000 researchers, more than 5000 articles published annually. The university also hosts more than 20 scientific conferences, all of which produce huge amounts of information that has to be stored, reviewed and copyrighted. The DEIP Blockchain can help make these processes more efficient.

Some of the BSU computers will be united into a single blockchain network that will store all the research results achieved within the university. The network is implemented as a pilot for several research groups and can later cover the whole university.

The network will be integrated with a repository (BSU’s repository is among the top 100 in the world) where researchers can keep their papers, share them with colleagues, manage research projects. Blockchain technology that the repository is based on has a great advantage: it helps manage the copyright of scientific works.

The local internal network will be launched as a part of a pilot project for BSU. However, if the project is successful, BSU will be able to join an international university’s network within a few years. It will facilitate the process of data exchange between researchers from countries all around the globe, help them cooperate and attract funding to their projects.