DAS sources a consensus about the quality of assets among the domain experts

Knowledge is rapidly becoming the most valuable asset in any class. Growth in quantity is not necessarily symmetrical to quality. The difficulty in navigating a quantity of technical know-how is hard enough without the added quandary of identifying the quality of such assets.


Unfortunately, in most cases, it is impossible for non-experts, such as governments, venture capitals or the general public, to understand the quality and usefulness of given technologies, especially when it comes to expertise-intensive domains, namely deep-tech, where the broad expertise or even a scientific background is required to make any conclusions about the quality. This inability to evaluate the potential of innovations leads to the misuse of capital, both financial and human. And even among experts, the knowledge about the quality of these intangible assets is shared inefficiently, and based on predefined trust and sharing information with just closest peers.

DEIP’s competitive advantage is in finding a way to evaluate massively complex data-sets efficiently, and the added value of reliable evaluation from objective, scientific sources.


Experts precisely assess the quality and potential of knowledge-intensive assets. DEIP gives them the right tool to do it properly. We provide a system to efficiently evaluate and utilize the quality and potential of knowledge and technologies from the global expert community — and clearly communicate it to relevant audiences.

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