Can blockchain protect Intellectual Property? 3 use-cases for IP Ledger​

Traditional protections for IP, such as patents and trademarks aren’t always agile or fast enough to secure sensitive assets-especially with today’s agile methodologies. Blockchain technology is revolutionizing the way IP is protected and managed, and DEIP is leading the way.

Progressive protection

Place a set of light certificates around your core IP that can leave no space for even the narrowest claims, but which require minimal effort for your development process.

Example: Your company is working on a revolutionary new vaccine. During your product development cycle, you make numerous iterative changes to your vaccine formula. Changes occur so often that it makes it impossible to patent every new version of your product. Using IP Ledger progressive protection iterative improvements are continuously captured, timestamped, and certified to provide you with extra confidence within your innovation cycle.

Improve your product too fast to patent often? Use progressive protection now.

Secure collaboration

Establish secure channels and evidence records for your IP assets sharing. Collaborate with your partners, investors, and employees with 21st-century tools.

During negotiations, business partners exchange confidential information, data and documents. Example: Company “A” shares the technology with its new contractor “B” to make a deal and share the main features of its product. Company “B” uses your technology for its own purposes without your knowledge. Evidence of a non-disclosure agreement in a court case is a step in the right direction, but may not comprehensively cover material aspects of the infringement. Timestamping, additional parties, and variations in the covered IP can all escape a hard-copy document. Consequently, you will have a non-disclosure agreement document without enough detail. In order to securely share information, you need to use the NDA smart-contract to fix an agreement and safely provide any sensitive data according to agreed terms and conditions. Sign NDAs with your partners, investors, contractors, and employees in IP Ledger.

With DEIP, you can protect your digital assets before sharing them, regulate access rights, dates the conclusion of NDA and policies to sensitive IP assets, avoid data leaks and access by unauthorized parties.

Collaborating with partners or contractors? Make sure your innovation and improvements stay secret with IP Ledger.

Extensive IP safety matters

Legal matters alone are not enough to protect your Intellectual Property. Additional administrative and technical matters are required in order to make sure your Intellectual Property is safe.

Example: Company A has a lot of people and departments working together to deliver a breakthrough device to the market. Access to data inside the company is crucial to progress faster. But not all data should be available to everyone – for example, device designs and specifications should be available only to the hardware department. To avoid data leaks and access by unauthorized parties, limit access to critical information to specific departments or individuals with IP Ledger advanced administrative IP safety matters.

Have sensitive information? Regulate access rights and policies before it is leaked.

Maintenance costs

At first glance, it might seem that the establishment of protection of trade secrets is nominally “free” due to the lack of a registration regime and associated costs that follow, but this is not so, trade secret implies significant costs for managing confidential relationships. If you do not build a secret regime, do not organize secure channels for transmitting data and clear and understandable relations between persons who have access to information secret, these measures to keep information secret will not be considered sufficient.

IP Ledger Can Do It!

DEIP IP Protection platform is part of DEIP’s ecosystem of products in our Open Innovation Network. DEIP includes products built around IP assets–allowing extraction of the maximum value: monetize IP, establish partnerships and collaboration using automated contracts (like NDAs, partnership agreements, etc.), find subject matter experts to support your projects, make unbiased rating and evaluation of projects for agile decision making and funding.

Benefits of IP Ledger for inventors, researchers, academics; startups, enterprises; creative industries; lawyers, notaries, accountants

  • An indisputable record of the entire project development process
  • Proof of ownership, existence, and integrity
  • A convenient and effective tool to enforce rights
  • Secure collaboration with partners, investors, and employees
  • Full transparency and traceability of IP Assets history
  • Tokenize/Securitize your IP assets

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