Global Database of Innovators

Access to the Global & Verified database of innovators worldwide

Deip Global Database of Innovators shortens the way to the next Big Thing, delivers a simple and streamlined way to improve Lead Time of Innovation Reviews and standardizes profiles of Innovators with verification of credits by block chain mechanisms

Access open ecosystem of knowledge collection

Big businesses

Attract world-wide innovation expert which can’t be addressed in-house

Small & Mid-size businesses

Enable collaboration and quick task forces ramp-up for dedicated innovation areas


Get involved in complex projects by Big & SME corporates

Blockchain allows to optimize ecosystem of innovation acceleration by quick involvement of best-suited experts worldwide

Improve innovation time-to-market by simple and streamlined way of access to scientific expertise

Lower costs by collaborative work and usage of pre-verified profiles

Reduce OPEX by introducing collaborative approach within Database Participants

How it Works

  • Register to the system
  • Submit your request for the wanted expert & required profile
  • Accept automated NDA on all submission
  • Get blockchain grade of required expert contact
  • Draft scope of work and related deadlines

Access the Global & Verified database better

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