promote web3 values
using your superskills
global ambassador
with your help we'll be able to address issues of maximum creators around the world
To recruit and cooperate with the enthusiasts supporting the DEIP causes if you are a content creator, Web3 & blockchain enthusiast, or a KOL, if you want to contribute to the establishment of a strong community, promote the development of Web 3.0, and to recognize the value provided by DEIP
we are
the DGAP
we want to
this is an open call to JOIN the crew of dedicated supporters
of DEIP who will drive the cause further forward
how to
Of 2-3 minutes max. Talk as much as possible about yourself, your qualifications also explaining why you’re interested in becoming a Global Ambassador for DEIP.

How you will contribute, if selected. Once recorded send us via email your intro video
Next, record an intro video
We will reach out to schedule interviews as the next step. Only the shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

DEIP will have the final right to decide whom to hire or work with. Thank you in advance for your interest, we are looking forward to onboarding some outstanding DEIP Global Ambassadors!
After reviewing applications
Please fill in
to keep in touch
the DEIP protocol is
specifically designed for
Governance via decentralized autonomous organizations
Liquidity through DeFi instruments and derivatives
Tokenization of intangible assets into fractional NFTs
Ask your questions via
join the DGAP community and become a major part of the transition to Web 3.0
Be the first to know about DEIP plans and updates

Get a salary and token rewards for completing the tasks

DEIP’s branded corporate gifts

Obtain corresponding salary and token rewards based on your work performance, quality, and consistency of work delivered

DEIP Global Ambassador Title for outstanding contributions

Opportunity to grow your personal and professional network in the blockchain industry
Designers and wordsmiths (bloggers, influencers) who can give us more flair by producing educational content about DEIP, Web 3.0 such as articles, videos & animations, reviews, GIFs, memes, infographics, etc.
Successful Web 3.0 entrepreneurs or guys with a fuckup experience for knowledge sharing, success, and fuckups insides for D-Academy, mentoring at DEIP Accelerator
Generalists with a huge network in music, art, digital fashion, photography industries, and virtual worlds interested to refer leads (talents) to the DEIP ecosystem and get F-NFT rewards
Enthusiasts to engage DEIP content, lead discussions, and moderate DEIP community; co-operate with diverse Web 3.0, crypto, tech & creative economy communities; organize activities such as AMA
Experts in DevOps and network architecture, who can help us to improve the user experience of DEIP’s developer platform; test new features, platform functionality; communicate with devs, help them in navigation at DEIP tech solution; help to expand DEIP’s ecosystem & community of developers
Guys with any ideas around DEIP product, Web 3.0, and creative economy. If it’s about you pitch to DEIP and get the grant. Among the possible ideas, there are: launching your own media, hosting events/meetups in your region, and running the decentralized application
Guys with industry expertise (of fuckup experience) in the creative economy (in particular music, art, digital fashion, photography, and virtual worlds), established a community network to make waves for creators around Web 3.0 and DEIP; sharing expertise for D-Academy or DEIP Accelerator; bring new leads
Influencers, and large bloggers with relevant auditory (music, art, digital fashion, photography, virtual worlds) to promote DEIP as an entry point to Web 3.0 for creators, highlight the DEIP activities, bring new leads for the D-Academy, DEIP Accelerator, and get F-NFT
Here is the table with activities and rewards. The reward depends on the number of points, where 1 point is $1
Instagram Stories / Reels
Podcast about Web 3.0, creative economy & DEIP
3D animation about DEIP
Video / Review about DEIP
Twitter thread
Funny & educational meme about DEIP
Post on Twitter
Article on Medium — min. 2000 signs
Article on a personal
or crypto blog — min. 2000 signs
Stickers (min. 10; you can include DEIP’s logo)
The cost depends on the quality and engagement of your audience (if there are no likes or comments the cost is lower)
In order to support the most active participants, we have introduced a progressive remuneration rate. The more you work, the more you earn!

For example, if you have scored less than 150 points, your reward rate is 1x. If you have earned in the range of 150 − 500 points, the rate increases to 1.2x.
over 500 points
over 1000 points
over 150 points
everything begins here
DEIP Team Lead
those ready to help coordinate the work of ambassadors