NFT Marketplace for music
Legal music
Hi, we are Legal Music. Social media about musical life in Belarus and a community of creators.

We are building an NFT ticketing platform and an internal money flow for concert organizers, artists, suppliers.

We are building it because there is a huge amount of copying and counterfeiting tickets on the market. Also some artists can’t legally sell their merch on events. Since new post-covid work standards emerging it’s a good time to explore new technologies for solving such problems.

We are influencers and a leading musical media in Belarus. It gives us an opportunity to connect with all participants of a local musical sphere. Beside that we have 17 active years of musical experience and deeply know problems of musical artists.
Lesha Galesnik, founder
Misha Makas, project manager
Ilya Konstantinov, product manager
community size
3000 musicians, producers, concert organizers, etc.
asset for tokenization
all rights reserved