use cases
portals in the DEIP network
human capital investment portal
technology transfer portal
citizen science incubator portal
music rights/royalties
adigital marketplace which allows musicians and songwriters to share a percentage of a song’s royalties for royalty-based financing. the marketplace is blockchain-based to cut out intermediaries so that creators receive greater value from their work.
artwork ownership provenance and authentication
managing the “blockchain air gap” between the blockchain listing and the physical artwork. a marketplace for user-owned digital goods, which include collectables, digital art, and other assets backed by a blockchain.
film directors, producers, etc.
crowdfunding for movies
management of film intellectual property on blockchain. log rights to an immutable ledger, with the opportunity to receive funding for future work by collateralizing existing IP or crowdfunding based on an idea. blockchain is used to facilitate payment and reduce piracy in film.
greater value for authors
authors can publish work and monetize it without having to pay intermediaries. this allows creators to derive more value from their works.

authors, scientists
academic publishing problems
peer-review process via crowdsourcing to ensure that academic research is reliable, and reviewers get paid for their services. reviewers appraisal of work is based on a proof-of-reputation system.
brand owners

brands, owners, buyers
reducing counterfeit items
blockchain to give branded items a digital identity and act like a passport. the ledger will display all previous owners and transactions to verify item authenticity and reduce the proliferation of counterfeit items.

enhanced and transparent record-keeping
verification of education credentials to stop fraud in the labour market. using the immutable blockchain storage student records can be shared and verified. during education the ledger is used to track progress and all marks are stored for future reference.
IP rights

intellectual property rights blockchain proof of concept
full log of intellectual property rights to reduce dispute resolution and the costs associated.
creative economy

creators, communities, and financial markets
pricing of creative works and value derived
validate all transactions for creative work and a decentralized place to store and publish work. see who accesses the work and how much revenue it generates to get a more complete picture of the overall value of the creative work. moreover, artists can control prices without intermediaries.

advertisers, brands, users
intangible assets like digital music can be broken up into snippets of creative work and made available for a price. micromonetization works by recording the components of the creative work to the blockchain and defining the smallest consumable unit of creative content.

real ownership
blockchain-based game ownership allows players to gain a share in the ownership and exert control over their in-game assets. assets are represented by non-fungible tokens (NFTs). this enables a whole in-gaming metaverse. blockchain also facilitates all kinds of payments: P2P between players and between players and developers.

clubs, supporters
fan tokens
football clubs are successfully using fan tokens to raise revenues and interact with their supporters. blockchain allows to boost engagement, giving fans the opportunity to interact with the club, the players, earn points, get discounts, and participate in a virtual ecosystem.
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