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Alex Shkor,
CEO of @deipworld
"We know the world is struggling. The things that creators are building now are growing more valuable and useful every day. We believe in creators, and are confident that they will be the drivers behind making the world a better place because creativity, when powered by peace and love, brings prosperity to humankind.

In order to uplift, support and empower people affected by violence,
displacement and other challenging situations around the world,
we created a portal with useful links and ways to make your story
heard to the wider community."
here you will find the links
featuring job opportunities
available worldwide
plarforms for creators
Everyone from TikTokers to sound designers have gathered together to support each other by collaborating to share news, useful information and vacancies while continuing to create. The most experienced members share their knowledge and stories with others, sometimes even organizing live-streamed conferences. The community now has more than 39K creators in total and still continues to grow.
A Telegram channel is а more narrowly focused resource designed for members of the creator economy community who found themselves without work due to the current conflict.
This resource isn't dedicated to some particular project, it combines programmes, platforms, organizations, etc. that can give a creator community member a shelter in Europe, Israel or USA. Everybody can make a contribution to this resource by adding a link to such project for artists, writers, musicians and other creative personalities or sharing own experience.
Emergency Residency opportunities for creatives and cultural workers from Ukraine.
This organization serves as a worldwide network of art residencies on a usual basis, but nowadays they focus more on helping Ukrainian creators to find the places where they can continue their activities safely. Right now an artist can chose between Sweden, Finland, France, Great Britain and USA, however, the list constantly increases. Also every residence has its own conditions, so creator can pick whatever he or she prefers more.
A unique programme specially for creativity and culture workers from Ukraine launche
by ResArtis.
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