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the DEIP community is a globally distributed home of developers, token holders, validators, and members supporting the protocol
DEIP is an open source framework for Web3 technology. build the web of the future by contributing to the multi-chain infrastructure for the decentralized creator economy.
I want to be part of the next web and create something that can empower others. DEIP offers the frameworks to do so.
DEIP puts creators at the center of the future economic model and allows them to increase the liquidity of their high-value assets to extract maximum value with no intermediaries.
Current NFT marketplaces aren't specialized for specific industries and niches, meaning my work can be hard to find. There needs to be a change.
crypto investors
diversify your crypto investments with real-world intangible assets and farm yields based on the high-value assets registered to DEIP.
I believe in DEIP because it’s not just crypto; it’s Web3 backed by real assets.
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