with our $125k funding and mentoring
launch your web3 product
next batch: autumn 2022
accelerator participants
Hi! My name is Alex Shkor, I’m the CEO of @deipworld, which is a platform for creators who want to monetize their talents. The Internet is oversaturated with various content by different sorts of artists. However usually the platform decides how much every creator gets.

Me and my co-founders believe that this is not fair and should be different.

I’m here to tell you about me and my journey and also make all those complex words rapidly leading us into the wonderful future understandable. Blockchain, NFTs and the metaverse are not that scary, just trust me. They advance the time of economy establishment, when the creators shall become the epicenter of this system and their creative ideas will be the main asset.
the mission of the Accelerator is help each creator — a blogger, a designer, an architect, etc. — to monetize their talents
Creator Economy Manifesto
Alex Shkor’s speech at Web Summit 2022
how we support you in the accelerator
help fundraise
we prepare your project
to fundraising and help you become a web3 entrepreneur
help build and launch
even if you don’t know how
to build products, we have
internal technical teams
who will guide you
from 25k to 125k
depending on the project scale
— apply

— get funding

— stages 1-2. discover & define

— stages 3-4. develop & deliver

— launch
fund your project
4 months from an idea to a product that people can use
yes, in case at least some of the statements below are true
am I elegible to apply?
— you’re a creator
artist, blogger, designer, etc.
— you work
in the creative industries
— you have
an idea of an application for creators
— you have
a team
— you have
an MVP
— you have
access to a big audience or community of like-minded people (e.g. 50k Instagram)
— you know
what pain points there’re in your industry
and 15+ tech and product specialists on your side
Vitaly Shalak
tech team lead, DEIP
Julia Shinkevich
head of products, DEIP
Alexandra Melnikova
project manager, Paralect
substrate-based chain with advanced interchain interoperability
technical partner
venture studio. 11 years on the market, 35 products delivered, $210M total customer capitalization
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