Our Vision

We aim to revolutionize science and resolve its current crisis by applying decentralization to most important processes, like publication, financing, assessment of expertises, peer review and collaboration. We are trying to create an environment, where all researchers can collaborate as efficient as possible focusing on primary goal - to gain new insights into Universe for Humanity.

Decentralization of science will reveal global human capital

Decentralization will democratise science and give control and financing tools to the public through transparent consensus algorithm. DEIP aims to make research funding system plain, transparent and accessible for anyone.

Crysis in science can be overcome by using blockchain technology

The current system is inefficient in terms of using scientists’ potential, as well as it discourages precisely that kind of researches that can advance our knowledge in the most impressive way. By decentralizing assessment we will be able to automatically distribute funds across a lot of researches.

Unite researchers around the world

Our platform is designed to unite researchers into structured system, where communication and searching for like-minded persons goes in clear and understandable way. Openness of DEIP system will attract new researchers to work on the most challenging and important humanity problems.

Results should be vastly available

Scientists need to publish the methods and findings more fully, and share their raw data in ways that are easily accessible and digestible for other researchers which may want to reanalyze or replicate their findings. DEIP provides absolute protection against plagiarism. Once an article or expertise is published on DEIP blockchain, it cannot be deleted neither by government demands nor investors request and there is no way to change publication date.

8 elements of DEIP

Eight elements that will democratise science and give control and financing tools to the public through decentralized consensus.

  • Publishing platform

    DEIP provides decentralized publishing platform headed by scientists and researchers. The values of each research is estimated by crowd intelligence, and nobody except of community consensus can apply any censorship or political ban to any research.

  • Collaborative tools

    A lot of people need to be involved to perform researches effectively. We provide real time collaborative tools, which deals with intermediate content in side chains and persist it to DEIP mainchain by applying multisignature transaction.

  • Research fundings

    To fund a research you no longer need to negotiate for months and years with any fund. On DEIP platform you can get funds from platform's community, which also acts as motivation to work on researches that aim to help people and make their life easier.

  • Expertise aware reward system

    DEIP fairly rewards each research by estimating it via crowd intelligence consideration and experts assessment. We eliminate subjectiveness of specific assessment company and give assessment function to community.

  • Scientific profiles

    DEIP blockchain keeps track of all records about performed researches and feedback of experts and community. This information is also used to render profiles of every user, where contribution and completed work is proven and can’t be fabricated.

  • Researches proposals and endorsement

    Despite we are moving the control of science from corporate sector and government to community, we believe that there is still a need to make a research proposal with already allocated budget.

  • Resources and services marketplace

    After successful fundraising at DEIP platform, researchers will have to spend their funds for resources and services to perform researches. We provide a marketplace to meet this needs gracefully utilizing convenience of cryptocurrency payments.

  • Decentralized patents registry

    By patenting your invention at DIEP blockchain you obtain significant advantages such as independence, immutability and transparency, that cannot be guaranteed by any traditional patents registry.